Few words about me

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I’m the East Asia bureau chief of Rai, Italian national television, based in Beijing Between 2003 and 2013 I’d been been Middle East bureau chief of Rai, based in Jerusalem and between 2001 and 2003 I’d been foreign correspondent in Paris. I ‘d been chief editor of the foreign desk of Tg2 and editor in Stampa Sera and La Gazzetta del Popolo.

The most recent events that I have covered include: the war in Gaza, the Second Lebanese War, the terror attacks in Jordan and Sinai, the assassination of former Lebanese PM Hariri, the Israeli disengagement from Gaza Strip and the Hamas took over, the Second Intifada.

I have a column on the geopolitical magazine Longitude

In 2009, I was awarded with the Italian “Saint Vincent Award” for the balanced coverage of the Middle East conflict, and in 2012 with the Maria Grazia Cutuli award

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