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29 Agosto 2010

Shimon Peres, intervista al Tg1

A 4 giorni dal vertice di Washington tra il premier israeliano Benjamin Netanyahu e il Presidente palestiense Mahmoud Abbas, il Presidente dello Stato di Israele Shimon Peres esprime ottimismo in una intervista esclusiva che mi ha rilasciato oggi per il Tg1. Per vedere il servizio sul Tg1 delle 20, clicca qui

Di seguito il testo integrale dell’intervista (in inglese)

Claudio Pagliara: Mr. President, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President ,Mahmud Abbas agreed to resume direct negotiations. But on both sided skepticism seems to prevail. Do you believe that it is possible to reach a peace agreement in one year?

Shimon Peres: I think that it can be reached even earlier because the subjects are known, they are not new, and also because the alternative is known. The alternative is so worrying to all sides that I think they must got a feeling “this time we have to succeed”.

CP: Do you believe that you will see peace in your lifetime?

SP: Hundred per cent

CP: Do you think that Israel should keep on freezing settlements, a key demand of the